It’s no news at all that Imo state has  huge deposit of entertainers who are very good at what they do and can compete favorably when compared to their counterparts from other states.
These talents are rather wasting away due to lack of patronage and support by the general populace of the state.
Fast rising rapper, Golden Okafor popularly know as XBusta must have had his own share of the ill treatment as the rapper cried out on a long facebook post by him on his facebook wall.
He tried to address the issue in his own way, Read below.


I just feel like letting this outta my mind because its been bothering me

Some people don’t understand the concept of being a fan,a fan is a person who appreciates your work ,prays for you and wishes you well.
You can’t say you are a fan and you’ll invite the artiste for a show with an amount less than what he deserves or charges and turn to a hater if he disagrees to honour the invitation, it doesn’t work like that. Artistes have bills to pay,they desire clothing,feeding is compulsory, shelter is a necessity,the artiste has to attend to other family issues and put things at home in order,infact he loses more if he goes for events that’s he is being paid less for because his reputation is at stake and he has to transport himself mostly at times to the venue and in places like Owerri he doesn’t get an accommodation after the event which exposes him to the public and he might even be robbed or harassed on his way back home. He is inadequately paid so he has little or no money to pay for his studio sessions and promote his work this reduces his productivity and diminishes his creativity which makes him lose fans and at the end of the day he is being discouraged, some are traumatized ,some move away to greener pastures and some eventually quit music .
I will advise the general public in imo state to find a way to support artistes and find a way to value them because talents should not be joked with but should be seen an investments and we all should live a life that will be a reference point for good when we are all gone.

Okafor golden (xbusta)

the post also generated like reactions on the comment section…..see screen shot below




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